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42 oz. Honey Allergy Honey

22 oz. Honey Bee Pollen Specialty Honey

Natural Allergy Relief

Special Offer:
2 Jars for $22.00
Regular Price $13.00 each

Natural Allergy Relief

Annual  Local Raw Honey

"Natural Allergy Relief"

Start Today . . .
for only 30 days.
Our #1 Selling Honey
because it works.

If you live in
West Central Florida
this the allergy honey you want.

Don't Like it , It Didn't Work,
We will replace it with anyother
of our Honeys.

What some more facts?

more Info

Regular Price: $13.00 each

Special Offer:

2 Jars for $22.00

1 Gallon of Our Raw Honey
You Choose the Combination of Seasons

 Updated January 21, 2019

This Week's Deals

1 Gallon of Raw Honey
Special Offer

Natural Allergy Relief
Annual Local Raw Honey

Don't Like it or Doesn't work
We will replace the jars will any
Other seasonal Honey (Same Size)

4 - 42oz Jars of Our
Seasonal Raw Honey.

Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall
with FREE Shipping

15% Off
e - Gift Cards

Good Health Package

Winter, Spring LocalRaw Honeys
Plus Bee Pollen

4 Jar Sample Raw
Honey Pack

12 oz Honey Bear

Find More Offers Here
Through Midnight Monday
(Febuary 12, 2019)


1 Gallon of Local Raw Honey and
a Little More

Here are the facts;
1 gallon of Honey weighs 192 ounces
5, 42 oz Jars of our Honey, weighs 210 ounces.

You get 5 (42 oz) jars of any combination of seasons. with FREE Shipping!

Special Price: $ 80.00
Regular Price: $100.00
Use Promo Code: FreeShip

Insert your season Selection in the "Request Window"
found at the bottom of the Checkout page.


42 oz Local Raw Winter Honey
One Raspberry Creamed & One Cinnamon Creamed Honeys

Regular Price: $ 30.00
Special Offer: $ 25.00


4 - 42oz Seasonal Special
Raw Honeys

42 oz Jars of
Winter, Spring. Summer & Fall Honeys

Regular Price: $80.00

Sale Price: $69.00


Use Promo Code: Special4
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Not Valid With Any Other offers.

1 Gallon Florida Raw Honey

5 - 42oz Jars of
Local Raw Seasonal

Winter & Flavor Honys

Seasonal 42 oz Honey Package

4 - 42 oz Seasonal
Special Package

Offer Expirers: Midnight, Wednesday,
Febuary 12, 2019

Not Valid With Any Other offers.

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Good Health
Starter Kit 2019

Seasonal Health Package

Start The New Year Early
With Our Special
Good Health Package.

Expirers Febuary 12, 2019

 Good Health Honey Special

42 oz Winter Local Raw Honey
42 oz Spring Local Raw Honey
1/2 lbs. Bee Pollen

Regular Price: $53.00
Sale Price: $47.00
With Free Shipping

Use Promo Code: Health2019

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Seasonal Sample Pack

 4 Jars of Seasonal Raw

4 - 6 oz. Jars of Local Raw Honey.
1 Jar of each Season.
Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

Product:  4 Pack containing
                   6 oz Jares of our
                   Sesonal Honeys.

Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

Price: $20.00

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Blueberry  Raw Honey

Blueberry Honey
 Will Arrive in March!

Product: 12 oz. Blueberry Honey

Price: $8.00

Join Our Newsletter to Receive Notice
when Our Blueberry Honey
Will be Available in 2018.

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Cinnamon Creamed Honey


Product: Cinnamon
Creamed Honey

Price: $5.00



Raspberry Creamed Honey


Product: Raspberry
Creamed Honey

Price: $5.00



Local Raw Honey Bears 

12 oz.
Seasonal Raw Honey Bears


Product: 12 oz. Bear
Seasonal Local Raw Honey

!2 oz Raw Honey Bear Special
Includes: 4 Bears
one Bear per Season

Regular Price: $32.00

Special Price: $25.00


Price:  $8.00 each





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